Spectacular Illustrations by Nigerian Visual Artist Etubi ‘Mumu’ Onucheyo

Etubi ‘Mumu’ Onucheyo is a freelance visual artist living in the heart of Nigeria. His work is an exploration of his imagination, exploring digital and traditional paintings as a form of expression. From music African culture, personal experiences, video games…

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Junior Tomlin the Salvador Dali of Rave: Legendary Cover, Digital & Comic Artist

Junior Tomlin is the founding member of the London cartoon workshop (1983). Junior learnt sequential art, he has worked for various companies such as John Brown Jr. Publishing, Titan and Panini – famous for producing football stickers and licensed to…

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Philip Fagbeyiro Nigerian Science Fantasy Artist and World Builder

Living and working in Lagos, Nigeria, Philip Fagbeyiro also know as versaphile, is a digital artist and illustrator. He creates intricate illustrations that are in inspired by music, science fiction literature, neuroscience and human history. His images serve as a…

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Algerian Character and Concept Artist Brahim Bensehoul

Brahim Bensehoul is an artist from the Algerian Sahara. Growing up with a passion for character design, Brahim found it almost impossible to pursue a passion in concept and character art from Algeria. But as a result of the internet…

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Fantasy Zimbabwean Concept and Digital Artist: Interview with Dananayi Muwanigwa

We continue our series of interviews of digital artists with our interview of Dananayi Muwanigwa from Harare, Zimbabwe. Dananayi is a digital artist and concept artist who I met years ago as part of Fak’ugesi Digital Africa Residency in Johannesburg….

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Hand Painted Digital African Art by Jahbulani Ori

I am Jahbulani Ori, a Rastafarian artist. My work is inspired by the culture and spirituality of the many unique tribes native to Africa. Using Photoshop as a medium, I digitally paint works that fuse traditional African imagery with celestial…

Kindred Styles Creating Afro-futuristic Fantasy Illustrations

Kindred Styles is an illustrator and storyteller who creates remarkable fantasy illustrations. As a black kid growing up there was a very distinct lack of people of color in the fantasy worlds i’d escape to. that people like me don’t…