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fiber laser with auto focus can easy to use on all kinds of metal materials if 3D laser can mark any shape. CO2 laser can marking on all kind of non metal materials. UV laser can mark on both metal and non-metal materials.
Pauls Financial Planning provides Canberra residents with the best advice possible to help them manage and grow their money the right way.
FLASH is a technology driven company committed to adding value to the lives of Traders in the informal retail market. We create jobs, keep money in communities and create opportunities for our traders to prosper.
Using our smart technology Traders are able to offer greater convenience to their customers. To become a FLASH Trader purchase a FLASH device from one of our partner stores or FLASH Service Centres or download the FLASH Trader Android App.
FLASH has administrative offices, in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. We have a central distribution centre in Johannesburg with supporting war
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