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In a recent interview, recently retired IOC chairman B. Ashok in an interview dismissed the EV threat as something way away in the future, but the future may come knocking sooner than he thinks. India is the first country to officially declare that it will move all electric vehicle supply (EV) system by 2030 and this is no doubt a very tall claim by any yardstick, but the oil and gas industry must take note of fresh .
A massive response -- as many as 27 jackup rigs against the recent ONGC tender -- is a big sign that rig hire rates will now fall below ONGC's own reserve price. It is learned that as many as 10 Indian and foreign companies have offered these rigs in the tender. Clearly, everyone is bidding…
Gas consumption has surprisingly stayed flat in India during the April-June, 2017 quarter.
Coupled with a 6% rise in domestic production in June, Indian LNG projects imports, at 1,768 MMSCM, was 9.70 % lower than the corresponding month of the previous year.
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